Digitizing the way we

Help, lend and share.

Keenee is a transparent, low-fee, fully-insured marketplace for products and services

Just like bulletin
boards, but digital.

Bulletin boards have been

Used by communities to share, provide, and buy services.

Today, communities have digitally transformed the way they share, provide and purchase services. Keenee is the face of that digital transformation.

This is

How it works

Request a service or respond to a request for a service. Ask to share, swap or borrow an item or respond to an ask by lending/renting, swapping or sharing an item. We provide full insurance coverage for listed items to protect you against damage during the period of use.

We have a

Unique Community Noticeboard

The free-to-use Keenee Noticeboard is the pinnacle of bringing people together and fostering human interaction in the sharing economy.

Advertise Local Events

Is there an upcoming local event you would like to advertise? Simply post your event on the noticeboard in the appropriate category for people in your community to see.

Local Authority Notices

Our Noticeboard will bring you updates on any news that might affect you or the people around you. Whether it be warnings of crime, police activity, road conditions or other incidents in your area – we have you covered.

Severe weather alerts

Check the local weather in your city to stay up to date on current conditions and the forecast for your area. Our Noticeboard keeps you out of harm’s way with real time updates providing the most accurate information on the weather.

Why use  

Keenee promotes sustainability by helping people to connect and share with each other, reducing the need for excessive purchases. We are committed to improving lives, reducing waste, and empowering users to contribute toward the betterment of society on an individual level.

  • I need extra income without giving up time
  • I have many items not used or infrequently used
  • I need a specialist item for a single/infrequent task
  • I need to use an expensive item for a short period

  • I want a specific item to replace unwanted/ unused item
  • I need to split purchase, operation or maintenance cost
  • I need item for a quick single task without renting cost
  • I have excess items and want to help others

  • I want to offer my services locally for a price
  • I do not have time or know how to search lists of local vendors but need a service
  • I want to know a FMV for the service I want/I offer
  • I have spare time & want to offer my services for free

  • I want to see local events
  • I want to advertise event locally for free
  • I want to show my business supports local community
  • I want easy sight of authoritative warnings and notices

Collaborative consumption has substantial financial, environmental, and social benefits.

Subscriptions for

Business vendors

Vendor users of Keenee subscribe to the platform in order to bid for services. We conduct a screening process for all vendors, including a Photo ID check and full address verification.

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