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Keenee is a fully-insured community marketplace for products and services.

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The first marketplace app in the USA to make your everyday life easier

How it works

One app to manage all your rentals or services requests.

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When to use Keenee?

Keenee promotes sustainability by helping people to connect and share with each other, reducing the need for excessive purchases.

Alexandra, early tester


I used to use Craiglist to rent baby carriers and some party equipment, but it requires so much time. There’s no protection either. Keenee looks very promising to me!

Iain Davie, Keenee CEO USA


COVID lockdowns made me realize how much spare time and useless stuff I had that I could share within my neighborhood, but there was no single entity or community in the US where I could offer them out.

Jeffrey, early tester


Looking for a recommended handyman, available in my area is usually a horror. I can’t wait to see Keenee launching in Boston!

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