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Accurate availability and secure booking via Stripe

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Easy, AI assisted, step by step, creation of a professional listing

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Enjoy full visibility of your bookings and payments, choose when and how you draw down your earnings

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Share listings to your social media or friends and provide great customer service

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Keenee will automatically keep you up to date through efficient in app messages, emails and alerts

Keenee is not just a marketplace
It’s a living, breathing community

Keenee is a global community of local neighborhoods. Our mission is to build the sharing economy, providing business vendors with innovative solutions that make their businesses life easier which in turn, offers the community an enjoyable, easy to use, reliable rental experience.

Sustainable communities evolve when members support each other

Unifying rental categories under one umbrella creates a community of vendors and customers, each providing trustworthy trading to the other.

The marketplace is the hub of any thriving community

Trading together breeds trust and an evolution of products offered to provide a localized source that satisfies demand.

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