Two solutions, one goal - added sales at no risk or effort

Benefit from a well marketed channel that neatly fits into your current work flow

Sign up for Keenee today and we’ll
create your initial listings for you.

All we need is access to your web site or database of images and details.

Merging offline shop & app bookings into one calendar 

Keenee brings online and store bookings into one realtime dashboard

Booking in and out by barcode coming soon!

Or Link Keenee listings into your current booking flow

For those who have a preferred online booking flow. You change nothing!

Customers Find You Through Keenee

Extensive marketing creates vast exposure for your rental and service listings

New customers book through your existing online booking flow

Your listings link into your existing online facility for quotation, availability or booking flow

Put Rentals in front of 1,000s of new customers without any extra work or configuration and enjoy easy management of listings and customer service messaging with the Business Dashboard

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